The Yo-Yo It is believed that the yo-yo most likely originated in China. The first historical mention of the yo-yo, however, was from Greece in the year B. These ancient toys were made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta disks and called just that, a disc. It was customary, when a child turned of age, to offer toys of their youth to certain gods. Due to the fragile nature of the material, it is presumed that the disks made of terra cotta clay were used for this purpose rather than for actual play. A vase painting from this time period shows a Greek youth playing with a yo-yo. Such vases, as well as an actual terra cotta disk can be found in the National Museum of Athens, Greece. Even in ancient Egyptian temples, drawings of objects have been seen in the shape of yo-yos.

What’s a good yo-yo to buy for beginners?

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The Yo-Yo Although the yo-yo has been popular since the ancient times of the Romans and Greeks, it did not become well known in the United States until the middle decades of the s. People began to create yo-yos of all types and from different materials.

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While most Americans—and most of the rest of the world for that matter—may consider competitive yo-yoing to be bizarre, here in Prague, yo-yoing is a growing pastime, from professional players to amateurs of all ages. In the last four years, this peculiar hobby has moved from a fringe activity to a full-blown sport. While yo-yos can typically be found in hobby shops alongside juggling pins and frisbees, it is incredibly rare, even in a major city, to find a store that exclusively sells yo-yos.

From the Yo-Yos That Make Noise, case/metal yo-yos made in the s. (Duncan Family Collection) figures in yo-yo history. SPORTS BALLS. Festival yo-yos produced a line of yo-yos that in- cluded a baseball, golf ball, football, soccer ball and bowling ball, in a variety of models, many customized as premiums for specific profes- sional sports teams.

This is one of the best known wooden axle yo-yos. Classic shape, rim-weighted, take-apart ProYo yo-yo features a patented replaceable wooden axle sleeve. Making it a firm favourite amongst many for looping. You must log in to view questions and answers on this listing. We recommend reading questions before you make any purchases. Comment submitted You must log in to ask or answer questions posted.

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Download Duncan Toys for Android. The official Duncan Toys app is here! Learn from Team Duncan in a series of brand new yo-yo tutorials! Check out our newest releases.

One was a penny pitch; the other was a Gypsy fortune teller whose stage name was the Amazing Malabar and whose street name was Manny Bernstein. The penny pitch was a gambling game, all of which are based on magical thinking. As for the fortune teller? He told me things about myself that were so flattering, I had to believe him…and his powers. That what he said was pure malarky, and vaguely-stated malarky at that, never entered my mind.

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Designed for beginner yo-yo players learning basic string tricks, Butterfly features a wide string gap and steel axle that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. It’s durable plastic body and bright colours have made Butterfly a favourite toy for kids of all ages for over 60 years! Please note colours may very form those in photo please check first before bidding if you require a set colour.

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Photographs such as this one are great for dating “dateless” patches. The text on the front of the t-shirts that two of the contestants are wearing says, “The Cleveland .

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Sep 28, I also sold a variety of yo-yos at the Kalamazoo County Fair, including many of the new Yomega “clutch” yo-yo’s when they first came out. I still have my own small collection of yo-yos, some dating back 50 years. I was delighted to see the “Gypsy Yo-Yo” trick come out, and have used it as an excuse to show the Sunday School kids some of my early yo-yos wood, metal, plastic including my original red Duncan Imperial.

With names like Viper and Black Mamba 5-Star – “the fastest-striking snake in the world” – it must be obvious we’re talking about yo-yos, the humble gadgets that have sprung up without warning to.

Yo-Yo Contest Patches are one of my favorite types of memorabilia. These were usually awarded as prizes at yo-yo contests. They were also given away as promotional items at times. Most of the patches out there are from Duncan. Remember, the Cheerio patches don’t even say “Yo-Yo” I’m looking for more contest patches from all of the yo-yo companies, but especially from Cheerio and Ja-Do. This Duncan patch is also pictured above on the back of the trickbook.

I’m looking for one in better condition, because this one is stained. The Ja-Do and Cheerio patches are probably at the very top of it. But for the most part, if it’s a Yo-Yo Related patch, I want it!!! If the patches are still attached to the sweaters, don’t remove them. I want the sweaters too!!!

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Traditional shapes[ edit ] Yo-yo bodies come in a number of form factors or “silhouettes,” each designed with specific advantages in mind. However, there are three popular configurations. Modified[ edit ] The modified shape is a very popular design for looping style tricks. This shape is also known as a flywheel or modern shape.

It usually has a hollowed face sometimes covered with paper or plastic with extra material left in the rim.

The yo-yos became so popular that Duncan’s factory produced 3, yo-yos an hour in the s. The toy has gone in and out of fashion since then and various improvements have .

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State Archives of NC. Above, a group of city officials is seen posing with yo-yos on the steps of Raleigh City Hall around Pedro Flores, the Filipino immigrant responsible for the revival of the yo-yo. He is seen second from left, closest to the camera. In fact, the oldest-known reference is painted upon a Greek vase dating to B.

Four years later, Donald F. Duncan bought Pedro Flores’ yo-yo business and started making more yo-yos, and in more styles and of various materials, but primarily wood. By , due to Duncan’s switch to plastic and with the help of TV commercials, yo-yos skyrocketed in popularity.

They also produce a line of classic yo-yos such as the Imperial and the Butterfly. The company was named after the founder Donald F. Duncan , but the company is now owned by Flambeau Inc after a bankruptcy in the ‘s in which the goodwill and products were sold to Flambeau and the equipment to Strombecker Toys. Flambeau is owned by Nordic Industries. For a long time Duncan had maintained the word “yo-yo” as a trademark, which led to their marketing slogan “If it isn’t a Duncan, it isn’t a yo-yo”.

In , Duncan sued Royal and Dell over the use of the word yo-yo. The latter company stopped the production of their yo-yos, and a three-year court battle between Duncan and Royal started regarding the trademarked word. The Supreme Court put the word “yo-yo” in the public domain, stating that the well-known Duncan slogan defined the name of the toy as a “yo-yo”.

This long, costly court battle led to Duncan filing bankruptcy, leading up to the buy-out by Flambeau. This landmark decision is is still referenced in copyright court cases to this day. Contents [ show ] Duncan Professionals Duncan Professional not to be confused for the yo-yo is the title most often associated with yo-yo demonstrators who are making a living demonstrating for Duncan.

How much would a Amazing Spider-Man Duncan Yo-Yo from 1978 be worth?

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Nov 20,  · What a Yo-Yo Posted in History by a truly vast sum of money. Although the toy was never a weapon Mr. Duncan who marketed the toy as Duncan Yo-yos made a killing. “Toys were lots of fun before they became capitalist tools.” they used to tie their tomatoes on the end of a yo-yo, so they could hit you twice.” – Bob Hope.

History[ edit ] Boy playing with a terracotta yo-yo, Attic kylix , c. In older and some remaining inexpensive yo-yo designs, the string is tied to the axle using a knot. With this technique, the yo-yo just goes back-and-forth; it returns easily, but it is impossible to make it sleep. In Flores’s design, one continuous piece of string, double the desired length, is twisted around something to produce a loop at one end which is fitted around the axle.

Also termed a looped slip-string, this seemingly minor modification allows for a far greater variety and sophistication of motion, thanks to increased stability and suspension of movement during free spin. Duncan recognized the potential of this new fad and purchased the Flores yo-yo Corporation and all its assets, including the Flores name, which was transferred to the new company in In a trademark case in , a federal court’s appeals ruled in favor of the Royal Tops Company, determining that yo-yo had become a part of common speech and that Duncan no longer had exclusive rights to the term.

Duncan Yo-Yo commercial

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