Like us on Facebook and keep track of charter and Great Lakes fisheries news and fishing reports: Current Fishing Reports Check out our fishing reports to find out if the walleye, perch, king Chinook salmon, steelhead, brown trout, lake trout or Atlantic salmon are biting where Trophy Specialist is running fishing charters. This young man in the photo was not only an awesome fisherman, but he also helped me with the rods in the back of the boat all day too demonstrating some pretty impressive qualities for someone of any age. Our day started out very chilly with a stiff, westerly wind that was nearly twice as stiff as predicted by the marine forecast. Instead of the predicted one foot waves we had three footers for much of the day until the wind finally let up after noon. The bite started off fairly decent, but it was a light bite and we probably lost half our fish today as a result. The wind was fickle too, switching back and forth some and every time the wind shifted, the bite would slow down for a while. My clients from Brighton, MI and Cadillac, MI kept at it though and close to the end of the eight hour charter, they put the final fish in the box hitting their limits of eight walleyes per person.

Boards for Stripers

The first sounds a little like a toilet flushing; the second resembles a cinder block dropping from two or three stories into a swimming pool. They love those noises because they usually mean they’re hooked up with a big Lake Rhodhiss striped bass. The toilet flush is the noise a striper makes when it comes to the surface to kill a big gizzard shad. The cinder block noise is heard when that same big striper comes back to eat the shad it killed or wounded during the first pass. And there’s a visual treat, as well.

Feb 06,  · Hey, Zen– I’ve used two types of planer boards for trout. One was the kind you run off a mast and then clip your fishing lines on a slider that runs down the mast line. We did this for Lake Pend Oreille rainbows in winter.

Home Lake Lanier, Georgia Contributed by: Targeting Big Fish The first rule in targeting big Stripers is you must have a significant amount of patience. Some of you will be forced to change your thinking and strategy when pursuing a trophy. Your success rate – especially in the beginning, will probably be very low. Can you live with the possibility that you might fish for seven days without catching a fish? Now that you have agreed to change your thinking, strategy, and fishing plans in order to hook-up with a thirty-plus pound fish, let’s get down to some basics.

Let’s first address tackle. Will your rods and reels live up to your expectations?

The Basics Of Worm Harness Fishing

Setting Up and Using a Shooting Board There are a number of excellent articles in various magazines, books and websites on the types of shooting boards and the uses for which they were designed. It has struck me that few discuss how one tunes and uses these wonderfully useful tools. This article is intended to offer an insight into the design of a simple shooting board, how one tunes it for accuracy, accessories, and techniques in the use of a shooting board.

Now that the planer boards are set up and you are anxiously awaiting your first hit, it is important to remember that once a fish hits, be patient. After the release lets go of the line, gently set the hook and apply tension as the fish passes all the other lines to the back of the boat.

This nifty tool puts you in the middle of overlooked walleyes. Tommy Skarlis has won more money catching big fish on planer boards in professional walleye tournaments than anyone else. From shiners to sheepshead, and alewives to shad, large schools of baitfish inhabit the vast open water of our natural lakes and reservoirs. It should be no surprise that walleyes follow the food into the open water and feast on these pelagic balls of bait.

In summer, large, loosely-grouped schools of big walleyes are suspended in open water, hunting these baitfish. While anglers pick away at small walleyes around the points, rock piles and weed lines, hungrier specimens are almost untouched for the majority of the year, which allows them to get big. In some cases, really big. Professional angler Tommy Skarlis knows about big walleye fishing. In fact he owns the record for the largest catch in any professional walleye tournament. Over a three-day tournament at Lake Erie, he brought his limit of five walleyes to the scales each day.

Those 15 walleyes weighed a total of pounds. How to Catch Them. How he caught those walleyes might be of interest to you. He caught them by trolling with planer boards, a technique that has been popular on Lake Erie for the better part of two decades.

Add planer boards to your catfishing repetoire, High Rock guide advises

Umbrella Rigs are either loved or hated by fisherman. But when the fishing is tough, you will not find a better solution to catching stripers anywhere. Why do the professionals use them day in and day out? Because they catch fish! The purpose of the umbrella rig is to simulate a small pod of bait, being chased by one or two larger baits.

Jun 06,  · Just depends on how big of planer-boards that you’re using at that point to be able to withstand the drag from the bunched up weeds on the snipped-hook and the natural pull of whatever sized lure you’re running and the drag it creates speed of the boat also being a factor.

This fish is probably the most economically valuable species in Canada’s inland waters. Walleye is a major commercial and sport fish in Ontario and the Prairie Provinces, and a major sport fish in Quebec. An angler survey in Ontario showed that the walleye was the game species most often fished and was the second in abundance in anglers’ catches.

The perch family is a large one, with about species in North America alone. The walleye Stizostedion vitreum is a close relative of the yellow perch, sauger and the darters. Walleye are known by many common names such as pickerel, yellow pickerel, yellow walleye, pike perch, wall-eyed pike, walleye pike and core. Walleye has a dark green back, golden yellow sides and a white belly.

Planar boards for freshwater stripers

Up from k to k for 2 years according to recent article. Click for verification of this story This biggest story for the fisheries division at the MDNR comes when we elect a new governor the November. New governors generally usher in new bodies in the DNR.

Use SEP’S Pro Side Planer to intercept fish that are spooked to the side of your trolling boat/motor. The flourescent red color of SEP’S Pro Side Planer, plus the simple and ultra-light design make it a favorite with trout and kokanee lure/grub is slowly trolled to the side of the boat, just five feet below the surface, simple and effective, sideplaners put offerings where the fish.

By Joel Rice In the shallow waters of the western basin of Lake Erie, planer board fishing has increased in popularity. One of the reasons may be that the water seems to be clearer as the zebra mussels have established themselves. Another reason may be that they work very well. If you have never heard of fishing with planer boards, then you may be missing out. Limited Stock Buy Today! It is a simple concept but difficult to develop an image if never seen.

The boards themselves can be hand made or purchased online from various venders. Big Jon Sports is one such manufacturer that provides all the essentials. Basically, the board works like a skier pulling to the sides of the boat. As the boat moves forward, the board pulls away from the boat.

Best Wood Planer Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Have fun on the water, and great fishing to you! Back to the Basics Hi, Andrew Martinsen here. Every now and then it’s time to remember the basics of walleye fishing so we can stay at the top of our game and continue to enjoy this sport we love so much.

Planer boards equipped with “tattle tale” flags work best up to MPH. Above that speed the flags become pinned down but the planer boards still work fine.

He speaks slowly, withcarefully chosen words that get right to the point. And he moves withdeliberate, unhurried precision about his foot, center-console boat. Butwhen it comes to new techniques for striped bass, Hall is quick on thepickup. He was way aheadof the pack with in-line planer boards. Though planer boards are catching onwith striper fishermen only now, Hall started using them in the early s. Since then, boards have accounted for about half of the stripers he’sboated–and that’s a lot of fish.

Boards designedfor walleye fishing have a heavy weight fixed along their bottom edges. Thisballast holds the boards upright and allows the crawl speeds walleye fishermenoften employ when they troll crankbaits. A walleye board’s ability to performat slow speeds makes it equally effective for dragging live baitfish forstripers. These have a line-releaseclip on the front and a corkscrew line attachment on the rear.

When a stripertakes the bait and jerks the release free, the board slides down the line andstops when it reaches a large swivel knotted 4 feet ahead of the hook. Thiseliminates the board’s resistance and prevents it from drifting off during thebattle.

How to Fish with Planer Boards, How to Troll with Planer Boards,How to catch Fish with Planer Boards

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