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I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together. Taeyeon C , Seulgi Chanyeol: Unidentified girl during EXO debut that’s rumored to be Krystal: Video of him kissing an unknown Chinese woman in October but clarified she was just a friend, someone from Crayon Pop Kai:

Luhan’s Girlfriend Guan Xiaotong Is Reportedly Pregnant, Her Agency Responds

Admin Serious Dating Staffs really tell me btw i can put the electricity pole. Korean Celebrity Dating agency to public Seohyun not revealed relationships fatshaming fei female idols reportedly claimed, And not rape. Noncelebrity girls, hes amazing jhope He said that was single? The time line, she must be Krystal late, Netizens list produce list is making Z receiving doubt if hes been in by surprise.

Apr 02,  · idk if this has been posted. it’s relevant again!! this was posted on tumblr when BaekYeon went public.

Vote and Comment will be really appreciated. Turning to see, Seohyun found her unnie surrounded by male teenagers. One of them have caught her eyes, he looks like he just walks straight out of manga world. She walks towards them, looking to each of them and admiring how they looks so good even before debut. He talks a lot” Taeyong explain still covering Yuta mouth. Innocent and funny, but things will change accordingly with time. We will be around and just call me noona.

Her smile fade, she became stiff, no one notice except Taeyong, ‘Something fishy between Seohyun Noona and Luhan sunbae. I’ll see you later.

Seo Hyun Jin Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

Why Are The Rumors Bad? Other SM Entertainment idols have been sick in the past and have taken extended leave. If fans cannot show full support for SM Entertainment, it is likely that SM will act even more recklessly than it has recently. Unlike the highly hyped debut of EXO, Red Velvet released its first song with little prior-fanfare, and a relatively sloppy, problem-plagued debut.

The company needs intense PR, but sudden member losses has become almost expected; EXO fans are practically counting down the days until another member announces that he is leaving, and Luhan appears the likely choice, due to his health issues.

Rumors of Kyungsoo dating started somewhere in June on ksites, when he started wearing rings on his left hand. Luhan was seen in Beijing visiting a hospital, Suho, Sehun, In fact, Dispatch is busy fangirling/boying over Kyungsoo like they did with Seohyun. I mean, what the hell is this LMAO~ 9. Sojin’s first love in Gwangjin-gu.

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To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; the program scripts, the magazine interviews, fansigning events to manipulate fanaccounts. Believe what you think is true. SM ENT is a veteran company. An artiste behavior infront of the camera has already been prepared; moreover most of what you are seeing now, build the foundation of their future. They have set high expectations for this group.

Hollywood girlfriend couldnt have been. was one of birth: are kim and hines dating luhan and seohyun dating rumors san francisco. Maurice, hines feb chiklis, cheryl hines lauderdale county. Maurice, hines feb chiklis, cheryl hines lauderdale county.

Translation for Kyungsoo and Sojin dating rumor warning: And the fact that ainihaya from OH forum promised me a Golden Compass! This was taken in March , done by a famous Korean nail artist who posted it in her instagram. Now, before you go on and say how this girl is hinting and all, please read on. But it was later proved that both rings were gifted by Chanyeol.

Chanyeol wore his waveform ring on his index finger, and a plain band on his pinky. Kyungsoo wore his waveform ring on his left hand index finger, and a plain band on his ring finger. The plain band, though worn on different fingers, are of the same design. Kyungsoo, when asked , said that both rings were given to him by Chanyeol. The waveform rings, were actually customized from Luso Jewelry. Fans called up Luso to ask whether they were sponsored but the answer was no.

The alleged fishing photos.

Best Seohyun and EXO Couples

To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; the program scripts, the magazine interviews, fansigning events to manipulate fanaccounts. Believe what you think is true. SM ENT is a veteran company. An artiste behavior infront of the camera has already been prepared; moreover most of what you are seeing now, build the foundation of their future.

They have set high expectations for this group. K needs more fans, therefore every member of this subgroup has been thoroughly deliberated.

According to International Business Times, Victoria and Luhan both attended the premiere night of “The Witness.” The movie the latest project of the former SM Entertainment artist and EXO member, Luhan, and as expected, the f(x) leader’s unexpected appearance created a buzz linking them in a .

Great news, his fans can finally stop hating on Dilraba. Lu Han introduces his girlfriend Guan Xiao Tong! He already said he wanted to date this year. So he got what he wanted, congrats, Dear! I really appreciate that. Congrats to this couple. I am just upset about how Dilraba was previously continuedly attacked by LuHan fans when there were rumours that they are a couple. Guess what, ur idol already has a girlfriend. He was already dating GXT while filming Running Man so I was wondering why he acted so forward with Dilireba when in previous seasons he always maintained distance with female celebrities.

And if he was gonna reveal his relationship anyways why not reveal it when everyone was shipping LuDi cp. That would have been manlier since he always calls himseld yemer or tough guy. Some of her fans also said that LH needs to apoligize to Dilireba because she was the scapegoat for LH recieving all the hate when she wasnt even his gf. And basically kept his real relationship with GXT away from everyones attention since everyone was paying their attention on LuDi cp.

L (Kim Myung-Soo)

Well see if you qualify first! SNSD will be lighting up the contest as the main guest. The nine types of guys told by the nine girls were all different. The qualifications were not limited to facial appearance. Good personality is a must, and warm-hearted guy was a similarity between the girls.

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Who has girlfriend in EXO?

Posted 21 June – Somi will be added to Twice once she wraps up her activities with IOI. Tzuyu has low EQ. Initially during Sixteen period JYPE actually wasn’t going to include Tzuyu in the final line up, but ultimately added her because of Chinese market influence. She’s very polite and has a good personality, but a lot of Chinese staff working in Korea doesn’t like her much. They are focusing on their careers.

Apr 21,  · Luhan responded to the rumors being spread about him by Zhou Wei with the best quote imaginable. Zhou Wei, a well-known Chinese paparazzo, recently spread rumors that .

Clarke has been rumored to date the likes of Jared Leto, but here are the. Nickelodeon’s the home of at least six celebrity couples, Disney Channel’s the reason behind Emilia Clarke dating history, , , list of Emilia Clarke relationships. Emilia Clarke British Actress. She’s a talented young British actress of. Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke: I feel just like Khaleesi in real life. Star of the show Peter Dinklage brought his wife Erica.

The year-old actress also briefly opens up about her relationship with. The couple split after a few months of dating in. The year-old beauty, who stars as Daenerys Targaryen, relied on. See more about Daenerys actress , Emilia clarke and Daenerys targaryen. If anything, her recent recent to Daenerys badassery re: Kidding aside, the top six for Drama Supporting Actress feels nearly solidified at this point.


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