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A Christmas advertisement for the new Stereo-Stories packets. Sawyer’s already sold reels of subjects singly, but the multi-reel set brought a new angle for clerks in faster deliveries and bigger unit sales. It was like the difference between selling a single record and a full LP of the same artist. This new approach brought forth Stereo-Story Reel Packets that were colorful, attractive, and also easy to handle and store. A countertop display offering a selection of single reels and the new multi-reel packets. Joe Leslie, the Sawyer’s sales manager at that time, pointed out, “All of the features should facilitate a quick turn-over and heavy selling. The colorful new Stereo-Story Reel Packets are ideally suited for center aisle promotions and should return big dividends to those dealers who utilize them for island selling. The contents and price of each Stereo-Story Reel Packet were tastefully displayed on the front.

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Since our sponsor Alan will be on holiday in Spain this weekend, I chose this photo since I will also be on holiday…in Pittsburgh. The stereopticon was an early 3D photography technique that required a special viewer like this one. The two images are taken from slightly different angles and the convergence of the two images in the line of sight tricks the human brain into thinking it is seeing one image with depth.

He’s dating Skye (Sosie Bacon), an old friend who cuts herself when she’s stressed, and Clay gives her a lot to stress about, since every time they try to have sex, he sees Hannah.

But don’t be surprised if you see something from a World’s Fair, Knott’s Berry Farm, or someplace else that is cool! I love Vintage Viewmasters! You should see my collection. It demonstrates quite clearly that there is something wrong with me. Hey, at least I don’t collect pogs This is a joke, please don’t take it personally, pog collectors. Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post, long ago intended to scan all of my reels or at least the unique images , but burned out partway through the Main Street packets.

But there are three cool interior shots of the old Swift Market House. If you so desired, you could sit around the old potbellied stove and talk about yarn what else would you talk about? I’ve seen a few Market House souvenirs candy, soap, a metal tray , but there weren’t a lot of relics from this place. I think I see music rolls for player pianos shouldn’t those be in the music shop?

The shelves are full of products, but I’m not sure if they were just for display. Hey, there are lots of cool rides and things to see at Disneyland, but how about 10 games of checkers? I’ll buy you a pickle.

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Many years later, in , Barton built a replica of its original Durham Churchill vehicle, using a Daimler chassis dating from Barton had already had experience of operating a motorised bus, in Mablethorpe, some nine years earlier. Also during the War, Barton pioneered the use of town gas as fuel, converting the whole fleet to run on it. The gas was stored in a large “bag” on the roof of the bus, and the company also manufactured these bags for sale to other operators.

The s saw fierce competition in the British bus industry.

Viewmaster, Ferdinand Stowell, Smashwords Edition. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction.

View-Master History Although today considered a toy, View-Master began it’s commercial life in as a home-entertainment medium intended as much for adults as for children. Invented by William Gruber and marketed by Harold Graves through Edwin and Fred Mayer’s photo-finishing, postcard, and greeting card company, Sawyer’s, View-Master was a successor to the stereograph viewer popularized in the 19th century by Oliver Wendell Holmes. But View-Master was an improvement over the traditional stereograph; it offered seven stereo views on each reel, compared with the stereograph’s one view per card, and provided them in color by using Kodak’s then- new color transparency film, Kodachrome.

From to , View-Master reels were sold individually. In Sawyer’s bought out the rival Tru-Vue company, which produced stereo views on 35mm film strips. The takeover eliminated View-Master’s chief competitor, but of perhaps greater significance was the acquisition of Tru-Vue’s license with Walt Disney Studios. In the mid s Sawyer’s exploited this asset to produce popular reels and packets devoted not only to Disney’s animated characters but to the newly-opened Disneyland theme park and the studio’s live-action feature films and television shows.

The relationship between View-Master and Disney has continued uninterrupted to the present day. By , virtually all new production had been shifted to 3-reel packets and a new numbering system was established, applied to packets rather than to individual reels. The older single reels could be found in packets as late as the middle s, until Sawyer’s depleted their inventory. As backstock was eliminated, reels bearing the newer packet taxonomy were manufactured to replace them.

New packet designs reflected the change in ownership and the number of View-Master packet titles continued to expand, but the GAF era is principally remembered for two developments:

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Timmy, they later learn, has fled his aged and ill relatives, believing he is a burden on their slim resources. Ellen contacts the boy’s relatives and a social worker , and all agree Timmy would benefit from a summer on the farm. The Martins foster Timmy, and Jeff leaves Lassie on the farm with Timmy when he moves to the city, knowing the dog could never adjust to life in a busy city. Their characters would be played thereafter by Hugh Reilly and June Lockhart.

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Yes Virginia, It really is a “Catbox As first predicted by Richard C. Hoagland almost a decade ago at the United Nations, the right-hand eastern side of the new Face image above , initially released May 24, by Dr. Michael Malin, now reveals a striking feline visage when compared to the more familiar “hominid” western side first sent to Earth by the Viking Mission over a quarter of a century ago. The implications of this startling new confirmation — not only for the reality of this object as a structured Martian Monument, but for its ultimate “message” to Humanity at large — are overwhelmingly profound.

Now, after a few days of reflection and analysis of this crucial confirmation of the “partial feline model” , and after gauging the wildly contradictory official, press and public reaction to its surprise release, we are in a much better position to explore the current, obviously chaotic political and scientific climate regarding where we are now in this generation-long, increasingly astonishing inquiry.

That said, this article will concentrate a great deal on the Face itself, and its now resoundingly confirmed, stunning implications for the meaning of Cydonia. This is important, insofar as the Face represents the starting point for countless new or casual followers of this long, scientific controversy — especially following this startling new release. Because of this quantifiable basis for the Model, the Face itself “But, what does it look like? The reasons for this are myriad and complex, but revolve chiefly around the major problem confronting modern “scientific” archaeology.

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A landscape, after all, is not a static given, but springs from various processes. We construct the landscape whilst observing but simultaneously we compare it, consciously or unconsciously, with countless landscapes real or virtual, natural or artistic that we are already familiar with. Which is why every landscape is layered.

Description: Austin and Jaxx have been dating for a couple years now and recently started to expand their sexual desires and limitations to in front of the cameras for everyone to enjoy as well. You would’ve never guessed, but Austin is as insatiable of a power top as he is a power bottom.

It’s the “Godzilla-Godzooky” cartridge from the Show Beam series. I have a couple of problems with this one. Firstly, if this is simply a “port” of the regular View-Master reels as the other Godzilla View-Master products were , that’s fine, but those reels had nothing to do with Godzooky whatsoever, and featured Godzilla rampaging through Seattle, as in the second Marvel Comics issue. Secondly, you know how it goes when dating items like this: That’s also fine, but is pretty late to be trying to utilize Godzooky to sell View-Master products, as even the many reruns of the animated show had ceased in It also occurs to me because I spend waaaaay too much time thinking about stuff like this that no other View-Master products tried to use Godzooky’s name to sell merchandise, so clearly this was somebody’s bright idea in the packaging department, or something.

Still, you have to hand it to the View-Master folks.

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Soft Brush from photography supply chain 1. Hi-Polymer Sticks are great investments and can be used for a multitude of projects. These erasers remove wear marks and scuffs easily yet do not harm printed text on the surface. Older reels develop a dark ring along the outer edge, this is easily removed with the Hi-Polymer stick.

VIEWMASTER in Worthing. View this and ‘s more Other Antiques ads on Friday-Ad!

Of course, when one wanders Berlin, he or she expects to see a marker showing the former location of the Berlin Wall. The wall commemorated by this marker in Warsaw, however, is less well-known: Trigger warning One of the first classes I took at the University of Arkansas was the honors colloquium in the Literature of the Holocaust. My final class paper, however, covered the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. I had just stepped on a memorial to the reality behind that paper.

Right behind me I observed a memorial column that showed the area covered by the Ghetto. Previous visitors had placed pebbles atop the structure. I found myself a pebble and added it to the top. I knew I needed to tug on this thread of memory. Where would this marker lead me? I consulted my tourist map and saw that a museum from the Jewish community lay nearby.


During this series, Byron, a year-old professional bass fisherman from Las Vegas, hopes he’ll meet the woman of his dreams by getting to choose from among 25 single gals. Helen, who recently stepped out of the spotlight to raise her daughter, is now spending some of her spare time encouraging the 22 million single women, who didn’t vote in the elections, to get out there on November 2nd and mark their ballot.

Helen is currently involved with Women’s Voices. Voting is the best way for women to get their voices heard and to ensure elected officials hear about the issues that are most important to them like health care, equal pay between men and women and secure retirement.

Groovy Photos You’ve Never Seen Before Written by Lyra Radford. Shamelessly dating a much older (married man), and boldly stating she had no desire “to be respectable”. Kids were already familiar with the concept, having been introduced to the Viewmaster as far back as the s. But this was for the wall instead of your face, so.

Rubin argues that possessions—those that have sentimental value, or those that are useful, or those that serve symbolically to remind us of our relationships with people we love—can actually bring a kind of happiness. Rubin is inspired by her daughter, Eleanor, who keeps little collections of her treasures throughout the apartment. As much as I try unsuccessfully to eliminate clutter in my home, I also believe in keeping things. Not all of the things I keep are useful every day, but many of them bring me happiness.

After my grandmother died, my dad sent me a box with some items from her house—among them, the colander, which brings me happiness because it reminds me, every time I glance at it, of the dear country lady who showed her love by cooking. Next to it, a little painting that I purchased from Goodwill. Looking at it makes me happy.

Another item that came in that box from my dad was the ViewMaster we used to play with when we were kids. In that vein, the living room shelves are filled with books and a few knickknacks—all of it aesthetically pleasing to me, but none of it priceless. And on top of one pile of books is the Viewmaster. Beside the books is a pair of carved statues that my husband purchased from the man who made them in Kenya in At the time, we were dating and living together in New York.

I happened to be in China for a few months while he was in Kenya, and I missed him terribly. Those statues are a reminder of that time, when we were just beginning to build our lives together.

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View-Master reels featured beautiful photography of famous places and people through the s. Medical schools and the U. In the s, View-Master underwent a change of ownership and became increasingly targeted at children. Interesting rabbit hole to leap down: Though the look of the viewers themselves has changed over time the reels have remained consistent.

RightNow Media Originals | Español / Biblioteca digital. updated curriculum of The Mingling of Souls- a study of love, dating, marriage, intimacy, and redemption based on Song of Solomon! All new from the ground up, • Viewmaster – In this moving illustration, a boy’s magic viewfinder helps him see pivotal moments in his family’s past.

Mark Perigard Thursday, May 17, Credit: Courtesy comments Suicide attempts among teenagers are up, according to a new study released yesterday. From to , hospitalization rates have doubled for suicidal teenagers, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University. Girls account for about two-thirds of the cases, and hospitalizations occur much more during the school year than the summer, leading some to speculate that bullying in our schools is out of control. One can only imagine what producers will use for season three.

An Etch A Sketch? The courtroom scenes are among the least convincing scenes in the series. The lawyer representing the school district leads the teens in conversations any responsible opposing counsel — played here by Wilson Cruz — would energetically object to.

View Master VR Review and Unboxing, & how to use the Google Cardboard app!

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