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Most parents who are stoned can’t possible take the proper care of their kids. Many parents claim they must get high first to handle their kids. Being stoned is not like having a beer or two to relax. One or two beers does not equal being stoned. One joint or even a few tooks, you are stoned. And, most alcoholics should not be allowed to raise kids and their kids should be taken away from them too. Is it less cute if I tell you that Mom was a little bit stoned? She’s the picture of health and happiness, an athlete with tons of energy for her family. Still, she smokes pot a couple of times a week, usually after the kids are in bed.

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This is great stuff on Prenups. I have no intention of going into Family Law, but I think maybe we can combine efforts and create an article on Prenups. Not legal advice, of course, but a crash-course on Prenups. I already started on the article for RoK on prenups, but you seem knowledgeable on the topic and maybe we can combine efforts?

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Defy is a short novella. It is a prequel to Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) and can be read as a complete standalone. Now an international bestseller.

Dishes the Police come out with your hands up. The Hitchhiker A police officer was patrolling the highway when he sees a guy tied up to a tree, crying. The officer stops and approaches the guy. The guy sobs, “I was driving and picked up a hitchhiker. He pulled a gun on me, robbed me, took all my money, my clothes, my car and then tied me up. He looked into his rear view mirror and saw red, white and blue lights flashing and heard a police siren; the Policeman pulled him over, got out of his Patrol Car, and arrested the driver for having an illegal Firearm.

Highway Patrol A man purchased a new Mercedes to celebrate his wife leaving him and was out on the interstate for a nice evening drive.

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Main short-term physical effects of cannabis Medical Main article: Medical cannabis Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana, can refer to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms; however, there is no single agreed-upon definition. Short-term use increases the risk of both minor and major adverse effects.

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Self April 20, The pros and cons of dating a pothead who likes weed as much as Willie Nelson seems to. During college, I dated a self-proclaimed “former pothead. After getting to know him, however, I realized that there are a lot drug habits worse than using marijuana recreationally, especially if it he’d already renounced his habit. The guy could have been into crack. He could have been a serial drunk driver.

In the end, I stopped caring since there was a lot more to him than just his past with pot. Heck, I’d even date a casual pot user again Here are a few pros and cons to consider when you can’t decide if weed usage is a dealbreaker or not. You can learn from their taste in music and movies.

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The part in Shampoo in which Warren is having sex under the table at a restaurant is based on a real life incident that Paulette Goddard was caught under a restaurant table having sex with some guy. Jack Nicholson rumors being bisexual have been going around for years. Apparently Jack and Marlon Brandon were an item at one time. They had a sexual affair.

Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty used to have sex with under age girls. Even Jack Nicholson would fly to Paris to go to Roman Polanski’s parties where the two of them would have sex with year-old girls.

Feb 24,  · I thought it might be a “tome” but there’s tons of dish. My favourite stories: when Beatty was cheating on Diane Keaton with Mary Tyler Moore, the two women lived in adjacent buildings.

Jul 12, in Codependency , Moms I think I may be codependent. My husband is a pot addict. He gave it up over a year ago I caught him using again. We have went to a counselor in the past whom he doesn’t like and won’t go back to her which was when he finally stopped, at least for a little while. But he was lying to me for at least several months, maybe the whole time.

He started smoking K2 aka gas station incense aka synthetic pot. And I think that’s worse because who knows whats in that. I feel so alone and unloved. How can he chose this over me and our 3 yr old? Yes, I knew he was a pothead when I married him but now that we have a kid I’m afraid of losing her. Nevermind all the mood swings he has, letting his life revolve around it and avoids us or any situation he can’t smoke in.

I keep thinking a divorce may not be bad since I feel alone most of the time anyway. He always tries to manipulate me

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Colorado Springs, CO Posts: Being here will help. It was 5 weeks ago that I told my ABF is was over. He’s my first love, first everything and we’ve known each other for 23 years. I’ve never loved another man. We dated in high school and then I didn’t have the money to go to college so I joined the military and he went to college and got into dealing.

DEAR E. JEAN: Our sex life is in a lull. When my husband and I were dating we were so hot for each other, we couldn’t get enough. Then we married, had a baby, the fluffy love phase ended, and simply getting a good night’s sleep became the goal.

Going into the relationship we had already been very close but he neglected to tell me that he smoked weed quite frequently. In fact, he told me he had only smoked it 3 times but he doesn’t smoke anymore. Once we were getting serious, he admitted to the fact that he’s smoked a lot more than three times and he smokes a around 3 or 4 days a week. Now I know people say, “oh it’s just weed it’s not bad for you” but actually, it is not good for you.

Anyways, that’s besides the point. Thinking about my boyfriend doing any type of drug disgusts me and makes me not even want to look at him. This is due to something that happened in my childhood and he knows that. Last month I broke up with him because although I do love him, I do not want to be with a pothead. About a week later we decided to try and work things out and we made an agreement that he would only do it three times a month so that he could still have fun but also, I could be happy too.

Well he’s already done it more than three times this month and there’s still about two weeks left. What do you think I should do? Do you think that if he really loves me, our relationship should be worth more to him than a substance?

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These days you’re in the minority if you don’t know at least one person who met their current husband, wife or partner on an online dating site. Keep on the lookout for hardship stories: This person should be courting you, not asking for an emergency handout! Upload a potential date’s photograph on Tin Eye, which will let you see where else on the Internet the photo has appeared.

The pros and cons of dating a pothead who likes weed as much as Willie Nelson seems to. During college, I dated a self-proclaimed “former pothead.” As someone who had never smoked anything, I.

Hi Evan — and thanks for your wonderful book! He also runs his own business. But it is hard being third on his list: I thought we were working towards something serious, but my confidence has been really shaken. Is it time to just cut my losses? Hope you can help, Evan. First of all, kudos to you for a few reasons: This may be one of those cases. They desperately want love and stability but feel the pull of parenting responsibility and end up neglecting their love lives. So what it really comes down to is this: Is it okay that you never go out to dinner on proper dates?

Are you content coming in third after his kids and career?

I’m Dating a Busy Divorced Man and He Hasn’t Introduced Me to His Family. What Gives?

How do you know you are a true stoner? When your bong gets washed more than your dishes! What do you call a pothead with two spliffs? What do you call one bowl between three tokers? Why is the roach clip called a roach clip?

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Cons of dating a stoner www. How’s it going where you live on mother earth? Whats going on and why? My girl is real sweet and a really radiocarbon dating iron artifacts her, we been goin out for about a year now but she is a real nazi about particular stuff. Its just wierd stuff like she doesn’t want me to have slipknot posters up cause she hates them, she hates all my stoner friends guys and gals and she gets pissed off and won’t talk whenever i mention smoking at all.

Honestly i’d would give up for her if she was really that uncomfortable, the reason i haven’t is that she tries to force me to give up. Whats the general opinion on going out with a non-smoker, would you and what should i do?? Kai ora all, Just lookin for some advice. Don’t argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Advice for wife of a pothead?

Marijuana actually is bad for you, mmkay — Many times now I have received comments praising the effects of marijuana. You should get stoned and drop out, man. Wow, the weed is so great huh? Listen here Wiz Khalifa, get a big dimebag of it, make sure it’s primo stuff, get your bongs and your pipes, get your lighters and incense, get your Willie Nelson records, and then shove it all up your ass.

Hi Nick! I’ve read a lot of dating and pickup stuff over the years maybe too much. Still I don’t sometimes understand exactly how to apply this stuff but seeing these examples puts things into perspective.

Alright listen up you speculative burkes and to you the instigator of this thread you seriously need to get your head out of the sand in your ass. You all seriously sound like the Republican Convention circa The legal status of marijuana has nothing to do with its muscle relaxing and mental introspecting properties, after all George Washington himself had a crop of both male hemp and female cannabis growing in the White House but it was the paper manufacturers tied into the Hearst news empire that campaigned against marijuana as a wicked substance simply because hemp makes better and less resource taxing PAPER.

The seeds of hemp are a supervitamin that rivals the best synthetic pill due to over 50 amino acids and 5 base vitamins and those properties carry across to the smoke. Willie Nelson and Cheech n Chong still got all their fucking hair. It’s also a fact that the Medical Adviser of British Parliament between – was fired because he did extensive research into drugs and found that marijuana had less harmful effects than alcohol, panadol or even Mcdonald’s food.

Anyway enough of the history lesson this is all about you wanks and your righteous ignorance.

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