Can you use the Apple Airport Time Capsule as a USB external hard drive?

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I know enough about computers to fiddle around but little enough that I always seem to get myself into trouble with set-ups. I have a new Mac desktop and a new Time Machine. I was using the Mac via wireless old Linksys router and just using the Time Machine for wireless back-up — all was going well. However, I made the mistake of disconnecting the wireless hook-up to the Time Machine thinking that a wired connection would be better since the Time Capsule sits right next to my Mac anyway. Well, the wired connection didn’t work and I have spent hours trying to get the wireless connection back including talking to Apple Care. At some point Apple Care mentioned using Time Machine as my router and that this would probably help. I really didn’t want to do this because I remembered spending hours trying to configure my Linksys router for the Telstra heartbeat connection.

Setting up Seagate BackupPlus HD with Airport Time Capsule

This is the first update to the AirPort Extreme in several years and the first complete redesign since Apple moved from the UFO shape of the original to the Mac mini-like beveled rectangle, so it’s worth taking a closer look at what makes the new products worthwhile. First, let’s start with the name: It’s been two years since the AirPort Extreme was last revised, and it’s undergone some major changes – the flat box style, cribbed from Apple’s Mac mini and measuring 6.

It’s also about half a pound heavier, weighing in at 2. The biggest difference, outside of the industrial design and name, is the new networking technology that’s under the hood: AirPort Extreme supports

Use Time Machine with an external drive, such as Seagate® Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive, to easily back up your data, photos, and documents. Time Machine can automatically back up everything on your computer in just a few steps.

Hi Craig Not Richard but this may help you and answer some questions for you. The TC is primarily a disk that is visible to MAC’s so that they can run the Time Capsule software and not a media server, in fact not a server at all. The problem is, as Richard has pointed out, that the PS3 needs two things to connect to a media server, a UPnP server which allows the PS3 and any networked device to ask for required services from the Universal Plug and Play server without you having to set each service up individually and also a media server.

Both of these can be applications that can be run on various devices but this is not what was intended of either the TC nor Apple TV. If you do want to connect the PS3 to a media store you are possibly going to be better off using a NAS box or server to do this I would suggest one that is both MAC and PC friendly to offer the widest choice of options.

My reason for choosing LaCie was precisely because of their MAC friendly systems which was also the reason for choosing the router too. This or another PS3 and MAC friendly device should work fine enabling you to stream all your media to one of the three devices mentioned above.

Printers Compatible With Apple Time Capsule

This connection type allows you to print from more than one computer on the network. It is not necessary for your printer to have built-in network capability. A wired Ethernet or wireless network AirPort Utility v5. Mac OS X Follow these steps to add the printer on each computer that shares the printer.

Apple Time Capsule Model A Hard Drive Replacement. This guide will show you how to replace the hard drive in your Apple Time Capsule Model A

Word to the wise, before you decide to delete a blog make sure you copy it off the server to somewhere local. That was an oops on my part that ended up extending the process a bit. Now back to the topic of this post. As you may or may not know from previous posts, where i live has limited internet access, due to the lack of fibre optic cables in this part of town, or more correctly towns, since we are right near the city limits, in a sort of dead zone when it comes to services.

Because of this, we have our internet provided wirelessly, and since we are on the edge of the coverage area for that as well, the actual modem is in the barn, fed to a router also in the barn and then wireless picked up in the house approx feet away. This setup has been working for a couple of years, but never very well, so i decided to try something a little different and with the introduction of a dual band Time Capsule from Apple, now seemed like the perfect time.

As always, the packaging of Apple products is functional and stylish.

How to set up a shared Time Machine backup drive in macOS High Sierra

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I recently upgraded my system from ADSL to Cable Broadband, which necessitated a change of location for my new modem. Previously I had it in close proximity to the computer and was able to hook up the Time Capsule so that it managed my backups beautifully.

Experience-led writing on Technology and Photography. How to set up a shared Time Machine backup drive in macOS High Sierra One of the first things you should invest in as a photographer is a robust backup solution. You just have to leave a large external hard drive plugged in and the operating system will take care of the backups for you. You have to remember to plug in the large external hard drive periodically overnight for backups to occur. Forgetting to plug the large external hard drive in for two weeks means you can potentially lose two weeks worth of data.

Thankfully that functionality is now integrated into High Sierra. You can use any Mac that is preferably permanently switched on at home for this. Select the correct volume that you want to erase. You can name it whatever you want. Note that you cannot encrypt the backup as doing so will encrypt the entire drive. If you require encryption, consider backing up to a separate hard drive.

Your Hub Mac will now use the disk as a Time Machine backup volume.

Adding Time Capsule as media source for XBMC

Page 10 Your Mac Pro features the latest computer technology, including advanced multicore processor technology, high-speed memory, PCI Express graphics and expansion slots, and internal storage, all in an anodized aluminum chassis with easy access to internal components. To avoid injury, read all the installation instructions and the safety information starting on page carefully before you first use your Mac Pro. Many answers to questions can be found on your Mac Pro in Help Center.

Mar 16,  · Is it possible to hook up a regular wired router to my broadband modem and have one of the ethernets leading out of the wired router into the Apple Time Capsule to then have that set up it’s own network? That way I can get the rewards that come with the n for my Mac and also score three extra ethernet : Resolved.

Apple’s brand has evolved as it has expanded its range of products and services. Originally starting in the late s with desktop computers and then laptops in the s, it took over 20 years before the company expanded into its first major new product area with the launch of the iPod in , followed by iPhone in , iPad in , then Apple Pay and Apple Watch in Apple’s brand position has evolved, but today’s brand is still consistent with these early promises.

Apple’s core competence remains delivering exceptional customer experience through superb user interfaces. The company’s product strategy is based around this, with the iPhone with it’s touch screen “gestures” that are re-used on the iPad , Mac, iCloud, iTunes, and the Apps Store all playing key roles. THE distinctive feature of each of Apple Pay and Apple Watch remains the customer experience of an elegant user interface and simplicity of use. Starting with a major re-vitalisation of the Apple brand when the iPod was launched in , Apple worked hard to harmonize and migrate its brand and its product strategy closer together, to achieve today’s position.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-Founder, described Apple as a “mobile devices company” – the largest one in the world. The company renamed itself Apple Inc. At the time, this was a significant move, signifying Apple’s move beyond being more than a computer company. The company is now defining itself more broadly than being just a devices company. It has blended its digital content services eg Apple Music, iTunes, iBooks and App Store to be a key part of the value proposition to Apple device owners, and with iCloud and Siri in the background Apple is making many services and functionality which consumers use accessible on whatever Apple device they happen to be using at the time, be it on their desk, lap, fingertips or wrist.

The Apple Brand Personality Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on the emotions. The starting point is how an Apple product experience makes you feel.


Tue Nov 10, 1: Don’t worry about a print server. Just get a wifi or ethernet capable printer that has good Apple support supports bonjour and has recent drivers also get AirPrint capability as well if you can , and get it on the network. A print server is far more trouble than it is worth. I say this as someone who supported an office of 45 Macs on

Aug 29,  · Hi, I want to replace my old netvigator modem/router with the new Time capsule 2TB. when I phone PCCW, and asked if they could replace the modem/router with a pure modem – they said it is the same device.

I had shares confgured and they were properly running on the network. As of yesterday, this all stopped working. The router does not see the drive; it is as though it is not plugged in. I rebooted the router and it still does not work. I’ve connected the hard drive directly to my PC to verify that it works there, and it does. The router is running Ver. I have used WIFI to connect all of my devices in the past with no problem until i moved into this place.

I have 2 macbooks that can connect without any issues Every single other device in the house cannot connect and does not receive a proper IP Address. The ones being assigned are in the

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My Wi-Fi bandwidth has always been pretty lackluster with my first-gen Time Capsule, even though every device connecting to it is I guessed that plugging in via Ethernet would roughly halve the bandwidth requirements for streaming to the Apple TV, and checking around with some of my more networking-savvy friends confirmed this.

The Apple TV showed up in iTunes’ list of available AirPlay devices, but selecting it brought up a “Connecting” box that never went away. Trying to set things up via the Remote app on my iOS devices didn’t work either. It didn’t make sense to me that streaming would work just fine if initiated from the Apple TV, but not at all from anywhere else.

Our decision to purchase the Apple Time Capsule was mostly made to support the many Apple wireless products in our household and based on the highly positive online comparative reviews. Set-up was a breeze thanks to the Aiport Utilty program, however, we were quickly frustrated by .

I have noticed that when I attach my other external hard drive to it it will behave exactly like the Time Capsule. By this I mean that after 2 minutes of inactivity they will both spin down but when it is backup time in an hour both will start up simultaneously and my attached external hard drive will get to speed and instantly shut off again while the TC does it’s thing. My questions are, can this be stopped and why is it doing this? Surely it would not spin up the external drive along with the TC as spinning it up 12 times a day isn’t doing the external drive any favors On the attach picture you can see the overview there the HD was supposed too be shown.

Do you think this is a good idea speed-wise? Also, does anyone have any experience with using iTunes or viewing videos with a hard drive plugged into a Time Capsule that’s a few rooms away? I’m probably only going to use the wireless hard drive to listen to music and maybe move files to it once in a while. Would that be too slow?

Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule (2013): Unboxing & Setup Demo

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