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For the funk groove TABS click here For the audio examples of the funk grooves click here With funk guitar, rhythmic grooves and chords are king. It plays an integral rhythmic role alongside the bass guitar and drums in a band, and often provides the song’s hook – the part that makes it memorable to the listener. Consider songs like Chic’s Le Freak with its catchy guitar riff. Funk guitar can be heard in numerous types of popular music, such as s Motown and Stax soul, 70s disco and 80s pop. The following music example demonstrates many funk trademarks: How to be funktastically rhythmical Many groove guitar parts are 16th note-based, divided into four strums per beat, with four beats fitting into each bar of music ie, 16 strums in all. The thing is, you often won’t need to sound all of these 16ths, so you need a technique to keep your timing solid when playing chords etc in and around the beats. Moving your picking hand only when you need to sound these rhythms isn’t usually the best approach. When you need to strike the strings do so; otherwise, keep a little distance from them so you can make a “ghost strum” ie, a down- or up-strum occurs but there’s no sound from the guitar.

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And Finally Section 1 Introduction I would also like to thank everyone who has made comments, given words of encouragement, or thanks. The two wires have their signal common terms. Clipping Section 2 Audio Terminology signal level but units noise. This will help you sort it out or if you are feeling a bit squeamish go see a As a general rule—when placing two strips of this stuff side repairman. Adjusting Pickup Height Section 3 Guitar Set-up drastically alter the power output, tone, noise and sensitivity characteristics.

An incorrectly set pickup can make you Less volume sound awful.

QUESTION [Question] Roland JC Hiss problem () submitted 2 years ago by greenmileboy Hey guys, I have a Jazz Chorus amp, and it has an .

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These days, smaller speakers seem to do nearly the same job. Personally I use 10″ speakers. Maybe in multiples, they come to the same thing. A relatively big and cheap “paper cone” speaker sounds like a guitar. A set of studio monitor speakers connected to the same amp does not. Of course when you record the audio from the guitar amp, you want to reproduce that sound as accurately as possible, without adding another layer of distortion.

Dec 14,  · Like half of a JC, but with just one speaker. I think the chorus was a bit sweeter on the JC because of the two speaker spread. Roland was wise to .

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James Hetfield

Its a long story but my Roland JC built in the early 80s disappeared after a gig and was recently returned after I saw it in a family members pic. You know what I am talking about. So, the good news is that it mostly works although, it seriously looks like it was dropped down the stairs and parts are missing.

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The chorus is one of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard. True stereo chorus within one amp is hard to come by and this amp has become legendary for that reason alone. The vibrato effect is also quite cool as well. It’s very easy to get a good sounding clean with this amp, even with all the EQ knobs at noon, it sounds great! It has been around for at least 30 years for being known as such and has been used by almost everybody at one point in time.

I of course, used it for strictly cleans for my good ol’ numetal phase and metallica phase when I was totally into Wes Borland’s clean sounds as well as Hetfield’s live clean tones. I couldn’t believe the sound I was hearing, it was an electric guitar with these very high quality woody sounding, almost acoustic-esque cleans.

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus 2×12 120W Guitar Combo Amp

Are you into something louder, like a big stack-style setup, which screams, grunts and roars from heavy overdrive? You might even be into all of these! Heard throughout most guitar based music from the late s onwards, a distorted amplifier sound has become one of the most instantly recognisable, beloved and powerful forces in music history.

ROLAND JC GUITAR AMP: Good condition, chorus not working, w/two 12″ speakers, $

If you can have one of this, and a good tube amp, be happy you don need anything more, of course if you’re not a heavy metal player. For jazz, pop, blues, roots, and for a clean sound and good effects sounds too. This is by far the best sounding solid state amp I’ve ever played outside of a typical fender tube amp! The JC has earned it’s classic status because of it’s great clean sound, road worthy construction, and maintenance free dependability. Wanting both clean and dirty I’ve tried an array of pedals, but nothing beats a tube amp’s natural distortion.

In the live setting many untrained ears wouldn’t be able to tell but it’s difficult to get a warm tone you’ll want to hear over and over again on a recording, unless you’re after that clean and chorus. I give it a nine because it does what it says but I’m not as impressed as I used to be with its supposed versatility. It does two things well: Roland engineers did there homework well and its no wonder this amp has become an industry standard like the SM The distortion on this amp is very good for old skool blues stuff like albert king,just plain early blues stuff that breaks up just right!

Besides the two main draws clean and chorus it also features an effects loop, reverb, distortion, tremolo, and capacity for high volumes You should never need an extension cabinet for this, I’ve played many different venues never turning past 3. The loop is handy for volume and delay pedals, the reverb is the most sub par digital reverb I’ve heard and actually didn’t work when it was brand new till I fixed 2 years later , same for the tremolo, and you’ve likely heard of the uselessness of the built in distortion.

Twenty years and counting and the only thing I’ve had to do is change a fuse.

Roland JC-120 Amplifier

I used to run a single amp setup, now I want to go dual and am a little puzzled, any help greatly appreciated!? I don’t know if I should break off and go stereo somewhere, or just run my guitar through-out all pedals with the whirlwind changing between the two. I’ve never done this before so I don’t know.

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Roland Jazz Chorus 120 (How does it sound?)

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